Ash and Jaymie are a professional Acrobatic Duo. They deliver highly technical performances in Hand to Hand and Adagio. You can find out more about Ash and Jaymie below:


Jaymie discovered the world of Circus after training in Gymnastics and Dance from a young age. She was a competitive gymnast for 9 years and studied Dance for 4 years. She specialises in Handstands, Hand to Hand and Acrobatics. She earned a place at Ecole Nationale des Arts du Cirque (The National School of Circus Arts) in Paris and has also trained with world-renowned Handstand teacher Alexander (Sasha) Gavrilov in Stockholm, Sweden. She now performs Hand to Hand with Ash.


Ash specialises in Hand to Hand. His path to Circus started with weight training and his brother introduced him to Circus as his strength was the perfect attribute for a Hand to Hand base. They were accepted to Academie Fratellini in Paris, France and trained there for 3 years. Ash has experience performing at Crique Du Demain, Le Plus Grande Cabaret Du Monde, Le Louvre and many more. He now performs Hand to Hand with Jaymie.